New Mexican regulations apply for steel imports in Mexico

The Mexican Customs system is improving the logistics of steel imports, in their attempt to legitimate shipments from the United States. This will speed up clearance of US shipments through Mexican customs thus avoiding burdensome delays. Importers are now required to present detailed material information prior to shipment arrival in customs.

This new Mexican requirement has confused our US exporters but it all comes down to making sure US exporters provide a copy of their steel supplier’s “Mill Certificate”, also called “Mill test Report”. Tertiary component manufactures must abide to this rule too. Anything falling under HTS 7202 through 7317 must comply.

It is the Mexican importer’s responsibility to issue their AVISO AUTOMATICO (Automatic Notification) through the new VENTANILLA UNICA (UCEM) procedure at least five days before the goods arrive in Mexican customs. Otherwise, shipments will face delays.

However, the U. S. exporter must provide their Mexican client with  either a Mill Test Report or a Material Quality Certificate (samples) of the steel mill where your raw material was sourced from. This is independently of whether you products are a secondary or tertiary; (i. e. screws made out of steel bar are tertiary since the bar itself is secondary product from the mill). Tertiary producers must require the test report to their secondary producers who in turn get that from the mill.

The  new  Certificate of Conformace (download Blank Certificate of Conformance) is to be filled out by the exporter and sent attached to the Mill Test Report and the Certificate of Origin to the Mexican importer. Paperwork should be there in time for the importer to report to Mexican custom authorities with 5 day anticipation . Below, the fields that are important for the new requirement are explained:


Certificate Information
All from the Mill Test Report or Mill Quality Certificate
Value of good covered ( the total value of your shipment)
Volume of goods covered by this certificate (same as above)
Note. The exporter may issue just one CoC for the whole year when shipments are frequent).

Material Information
Items being sold by the exporter
HS Code must be provided by your forwarding agent
Country of Origin – You must guarantee your steel material was made in the USA so, Country of Origin is: USA

Complete list of documents needed for your exports of STEEL to Mexico:

  1. Commercial Invoice
  2. Bill of Lading
  3. Certificate of Origin (Nafta Certificate)
  4. Certificate of Conformance and/or
  5. Mill Certificate

(Yes, lots of duplicate information) We will confirm whether (4) and (5) are really needed or just (5) would suffice.

Learn more….
Certificate of Origin

Certificates of Origin for NAFTA from US Commercial Services

Official Gazzete anouncing the new disposition (Diario Oficial Mexico) Spanish (Read “Segundo” referring to the addition of  rule 2.2.20 (6) to section (A) of Rules for General Application in Foreign Trade (Reglas de Caracter General en Materia de Comercio Exterior).



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