Industrial Coatings

Industrial Coatings

Market Overview

The automotive industry has been crucial in the development of the coatings sector in Mexico. The automotive industry has shown a significant growth during the last two years. Today, Mexico ranks as the eighth largest vehicle producer in the world and second in Latin America. By 2020, Mexico might surpass South Korea and Brazil, becoming the sixth largest worldwide vehicle producer. In addition, many electric, appliance and other furniture manufacturers subcontract coating services opening opportunities to new paint establishments and for U. S. suppliers to sell their coating related products.

Market Outlook

Small to large size painters and paint suppliers abound now in this market offering different solutions from liquid vinyl base paint for industrial use passing through e-coat for the automotive and powder coat for other industrial (appliance) manufacturers of metallic parts. There is a larger base of medium size companies in this field than there are large ones. Large companies are almost devoted to serving OEMs.

Best Prospects

The market is very competitive though still depending much of imports of both technology and paint from other countries. The majority of painters demand tools like paint booths, spray nozzles, dust recuperation systems, ovens and their parts, operator safety products, quality control devices and more. Large size painters are located near their largest clients and their production is shared with smaller size clients, they are capable to supplying tight spec parts. Other small painters with limited capacities sell to Tier 2 and Tier 3 suppliers of automotive, aerospace parts with wider specifications.

CS Opinion and Next Steps

Paint booth suppliers seeking to expand into Mexico shall consider partnering with local paint booth manufacturers which are knowledgeable of market needs and have located their potential suppliers. However, commercial interests would demand outstanding technical advantages to enter in partnership. Otherwise, the option is to hire a representative or an agent that would work on commission for promoting paint booth designs nationwide. These are harder to find but, they would certainly devote their time and efforts to promote your products.


ANAFAPYT, June 20-22. Centro Banamex, Mexico City. Latin American Coatings Show 2017,

Coa-tech, May 2-4, 2017 Cintermex, Mexico. Is a collocated show with Fabtech Mexico, the largest metalworking show.



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