Some people gauge success upon their material belongings such as driving fancy cars, wearing expensive suits, using the latest IPhone, getting the most fashioned hair cut; that’d be really good if they weren’t forgetting four minor details that put down all of the above.

I was at an important trade related convention days back. Keynote speakers, scholars and government officials gathered at the event to share their international business experience. One by one, they stood at the transparent crystal podium and spoke before the large audience of colleagues.

My seat was just below the podium, ten feet away but in good line of sight to the speakers. As the speakers took turns to their lecture, I was able to scrutinize their outfits; admiring some and feeling sorry for others. I was very attentive to their topics but I could not help myself out of noticing how some people put more care in garments that get the laundries rather than those that don’t.

Our professional image is not made solely out of our skills and knowledge, it also involves allurement. That is, procuring as much pulchritude as possible.

In business, contracts are won by skillful professionals that also display charm and elegance. International companies today cannot afford to overlook the little ordinary things highly effective professionals ought to have. The following are the characteristic attributes of successful businessmen:

1. Smell good.
They use a light and fresh fragrance. Ideally, a lotion that would be enjoyed by people around them and no chase people away. A lotion that does not migrate with handshakes, or offends people noses.

2. Make perfect tie knot.
Some say that a tie is a piece of garment in extinction. Not true. What is true is, countries with harsh temperatures are more prone to allowing business casual wear: slacks, shirt and coat. But, when a tie is a required garment, businessmen have at least two or three methods to tie a perfect knot.

3. Wear Impeccable shoes.
Probably the most important feature of successful people is that of wearing perfectly clean and shining shoes. Cleaning their shoes is an easy task included in their daily grooming routine. Women say they trust more a man with clean and shine shoes for it reflects pulchritude and hygiene.

4. Strive for language perfection.
In public speaking, a lecturer chooses words that are easy to hear and understand. A good speaker displays a wide vocabulary, never uses dirty words as a resource to being empathic or funny to their audience; listening to them is a delightful experience and one always recalls what they said.

Regretfully, the third feature explained above is what most people failed to attain to at the convention I was days before.

Despite elegant suits, perfect speeches and exquisite aromas, dusty shoes spoke out louder at the conference.

If you have ever wondered why it takes more time for people to trust you or closing a deal is getting more difficult for you these days, next time procure the above characteristics and make sure to get the cool shoe shine. You will see the difference.


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