Metal Springs

Market Outlook
Mexico’s industry is the right place for sales to almost any kind of materials and components for their manufactured products. The U. S. exporter of customized springs made of exotic metals may expect some competition from local manufacturers. They have been the preferred suppliers for a long time with virtually  no foreign competitors in this market.

As the industry sector grows in Mexico, more players are seeking their share of this emerging market approaching OEMs as well as PYMEs, the Mexican SMEs, which represent 65% of the sector and make up for almost 52% of Mexico’s manufacturing GDP.

Metal springs are commodities that find their usage in the appliance, electrical and metalworking manufacturing segments; although a large variety of applications in other segments may require low quantities, different specifications, etc., they are still good options to explore.

The buyer of springs, can find a good mix of capabilities among the Mexican spring manufacturers. Some may provide the whole variety of standard industrial springs such as compression, torsion an tension springs; others may actually have design capabilities for customized springs, etc. Typically, these manufacturers are also distributors; most of them supplying their regions; very few display nationwide sales capabilities.

Best Prospects
U. S. spring manufacturer and exporters have the greatest opportunities in this market through distributors; direct sales to OEM are difficult since most local manufacturers have preference for nearby suppliers. It is highly recommended to approach the country by regions and focus in specific industry. For instance, one manufacturer may focus on appliance manufacturers and therefore their target markets will be located at the border states with the U. S. On the other hand, manufacturers of springs for machine tools may concentrate on Nuevo Leon, San Luis Potosi, Aguascalientes and Leon.

Gaining Market Exposure
There are several successful trade shows that have proved reliable in producing immediate sales for new exporters. Most of these are certified by US DoC:

Expo Manufactura. Monterrey, MX Feb 2-4, 2016

Plastimagen, Mexico City March 8-11, 2016

Fabtech Mexico, Mexico City May 4-7, 2016

Who can Help
U. S. exporters may find valuable insight to the Mexican market through their trade specialists at





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