Strategic Partner AMT Reaffirms Commitment to Promote the U.S. Manufacturing Sector

AMT Partnership

Left to right: Ed Christopher, VP – Global Services, AMT; Doug Woods, President, AMT; Assistant Secretary Nazak Nikakhtar; Forrest Nielsen, International Trade Specialist, Industry & Analysis

On May 23rd, Assistant Secretary for Industry & Analysis Nazak Nikakhtar met with Doug Woods, President of the Association for Manufacturing Technology (AMT), for the ceremonial signing of a Strategic Partnership between ITA and AMT.  The event reaffirmed AMT’s Partnership with ITA to promote the growth of the U.S. manufacturing sector through exports.  AMT and ITA discussed trade policy issues, including export controls on machinery, tariffs, NAFTA renegotiation, and foreign direct investment.  Through their Partnership, ITA and AMT are collaborating on a program of activities to support U.S. manufacturing.  These activities include the sharing of trade data; the creation of market analyses, including ITA’s Top Markets Reports on Manufacturing Technology and Industrial Automation; advising on industry specific trade policy issues; and work, through the ITA Global Advanced Manufacturing Team, on export promotion at the International Manufacturing Technology Show.


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