Industry Players

This section displays easy-to-read charts about the major holdings and their industries.


Grupo Quimmco was founded in 1989 headquartered in Monterrey, Mexico currently employing over 5,500 people reports annual sales for $1 billion. More than 50% of their sales are to the export market. Quimmco is an industrial consortium with businesses established in the metal-mechanic, chemical and construction industries. Quimmco’s three divisions specialize in metalworking, precision machining, forging, castings, complex manufacturing assemblies, formulation of polyol, and interior design and manufacturing of furnishings for office buildings and hotels.

Industries and companies

CNH de Mexico
Manufacturer of parts for harvesters and trucks for Case, New Holland

Forja Monterrey
Manufacturer of powertrain componentsManufacturera de Ciguenales de Mexico (MACIMEX)
Manufacturer of crankshafts


Quimica Pumex
Blender of polyol products,

Commercial – Industrial Vehicle

Blackhawk de Mexico

Sistemas Automotrices de Mexico (SISAMEX)