Material Handling: Drum Handlers

Material Handling:  Drum Handlers


Material handling is the segment with the larger number of establishments in the industry. Large warehouses,  material handling companies, small tool shops offer solutions that vary from very simple lifting slings and  transport dollies going through forklifts to sophisticated robotic handler solutions. The US exporter seeking to gain market share in Mexico must consider the abundant competition from other US firms with years of presence and lots of customers. Their customers are in almost every industry: the maquiladora industry, the chemical product distributors, produce and perishable warehouses and others.

 Market Opportunities

Some products are already in the Mexican market with similar solutions such as Drum Handler forklift attachments, drum palletizers, dollies, drum truck, etc. MECO, CADER, VESTIL, VALLEY CRAFT, DIXIE, WESCO are some brands commonly seen at factories. The U. S. exporter may find some distributors interested in their line of products as long as it includes competitive prices, warranties and technical support.

 Opinion and Next Steps

Large companies like Grainger, C&H, Travers Tool and others, have nationwide selling capabilities through their e-stores and they offer almost the same products. However the market is there and it mostly depends on how one presents the product.


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