Glass Treatment: Windows

Glass Treatment: Windows

 Market Outlook

Mexico’s one and only glass manufacturer is Vitro but the market is share with manufacturers from different countries who have penetrated this market through distributors. It is important to define the different segments: Architectural, automotive. Glass treatments chemicals help ensure clean and clear glass for longer time. These chemicals are also useful in protecting (treating) other smooth surfaces like that of granite, ceramic tile and the like. Companies sharing the market are Tecnovidrio, Cristacurva, Saint Gobain, and others.


Best Prospects

Depending upon the volume, glass manufacturers may be an option to large consumption of these chemicals but will likely prefer to treat quantities that were already sold instead of applying to all production. Automotive glass distributors are more likely to purchase these protective chemicals to offer an added feature to glass clients; same interest may be obtained from transportation fleet managers. Architectural glass installers (like tempered glass) are definitely the best prospects for the aesthetic nature of this glass.


Opinion and Next Steps

Mexico City and Guadalajara are the best place to seek for automotive clients, fleet transportation and architectural glass. In Monterrey, one can find automotive glass dealers and lots of architectural glass.


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