Industrial: Cleaners and Degreasers

Industrial_Cleaners and Degreasers

 Market Outlook

Cleaner/degreaser is a product that may come to compete with lots of similar solutions for the industry in the Mexican market. However, any new product having environmentally safe characteristics is welcome in the industry and good price or technical differentiations can determine what product is winner for the end user. Some brands with similar characteristics are Sikita with their champion orange degreaser, other environmentally safe product by  Akim, Sanber, Arli, Asfanil, and other called Clean 400 of common use in industry.

 Best Prospects

Cleaner/degreasers are oriented for industrial applications; U. S. exporters looking for distributors should focus on the chemical sector who handles lubricants and other industrial chemicals.

 Opinion and Next Steps

The Mexican market is fully populated of this sort of industrial chemicals. The U. S. exporter seeking to penetrate the Mexican market should consider the fierce competition that exists from all over the world. Make sure your product has a competitive advantage to present to your prospect clients or partners.


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