Rubber Producers and Rubber Product Manufacturers

Market Overview

By 2010, Mexico had limited number of polymer producers, insufficient to supply national demand, today seven years later, the growing automotive industry and its demand for reliable suppliers and shorter lead times have lured foreign rubber manufacturers into establishing in Mexico. Mexico’s rubber industry represents an almost $3.2 billion market value for U. S. exports.

There are hundreds of manufacturers and distributors around the Mexican territory with large presence in Guanajuato (30%), Mexico City ( about 15%), Jalisco (15%), State of Mexico (12%); with Nuevo Leon and Puebla barely making up for 8%.

Mexican companies in the rubber producing industry can be counted with one hand’s fingers, some grew up from mergers or joint ventures that had added technology and other resources. Negromex, Ameripol, Goodyear, Dupont, are some of the outstanding companies producing rubber and derivatives. Newer investments of foreign origin are arriving increasing Mexico’s ability to supply domestic demand, specially those in the auto parts industry.

The Mexican rubber industry is soon becoming self sufficient and  is exporting worldwide, reason why It is expected that the largest U. S. exporting HS Code 4011 (see chart) will see a decreasing trend in the next few years, specially because of foreign investments arriving in Mexico in the tire manufacturing industry. Another niche is conformed by small gasket manufacturing companies and custom forms manufacturers that are always in search for good quality material, and in some cases, off grade material.

Rubber Chart

The manufacturing industry utilizing polymers (SBR, XSBR, NBR, PBR, HTV, RTV, Nitrile, Neoprene, Latex, TPR, and others) are varied and most of them are currently importing directly from the U. S. distributors,  where the Mexican buyer finds high quality and reliable material. This industry is concentrated in standard to above standard grade material. The chart below describes the specific types of rubber and compounds purchased by Mexican buyers from U. S. suppliers in the last four years.


Key Players

A quick search on the internet resulted in a really large list of rubber distributors and manufacturers of all sizes. The following is a summary of those which may have significant relevance to the exporter and sufficient coverage in their regions.

Large rubber product manufacturers for the Automotive

Company Product Location Origin
 Michelin   Tires  Guanajuato  France
 Yokohama Rubber   Hosing  Aguascalientes  Japan
Continental  Conveyor bands  San Luis Potosi  Germany
 Cooper Tires  Tires Jalisco U. S. A.
 Daetwyler Rubber  gasket sealing Guanajuato Switzerland
 Sumitomo Rikko  Anti-vibration Queretaro Japan-Germany

With no doubt,  there are opportunities to sell rubber, rubber compounding  and rubber products in Mexico; the challenge is to find the right partner. Any market entry strategy considering a trip to meet with potential clients should also consider contacting these buyers in advanced to confirm their interest.

Small Manufacturers

Company Market Location Origin
Aeroelastomeros   Automotive Mexico City  Mexico
Hexpol Compound  Transportation Queretaro  Switzerland
Preferred Comp. Auto Parts San Luis Potosi  United States
PTE Compounding  General Industry Jalisco Germany
NOR Rubber Conveyot belt Aguascalientes Spain
IMH Auto Parts Mexico City Mexican

In most cases, better results can be obtained dealing directly with local distributors.

Some Distributors

Company Website Location Origin
BRENNTAG Mexico, S. A. de C. V. State of Mexico Netherlands
Channel Prime Alliance de Mexico, S. de R. L. de C. V. Mexico City United States
Suministro de Especialidades, S. A. de C. V. Mexico City Mexico
Polimeros y Elastomeros de America, S. A. de C. V. Apodaca Mexico
Polimeros Especiales Guanajuato Mexico

Where are these distributors, who are they? Your local U. S. Export Assistance Center can support you locating them and establishing business communication.



  1. I am trying to locate rubber product manufactures that would have need for purchasing raw silicone rubber compounds that are located in Mexico . We would not be interested in distributors. I have not found much on Google to confirm rubber product manufactures located in Mexico . Can you help with a list or naming a few of the larger rubber product manufactures in Mexico.

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