Security_ High Security Deadbolts and Locks

High Security Deadbolts and Locks

Market Overview

Since 2000, Mexico has undergone unprecedented crime in all aspects. From drug cartel wars, car high jacking, street robbery, residential burglary and other. Mexican authorities have for the first time had to reinforce their strategies and equipment for law enforcement and their acquisitions ramped up ever since to include new technologies and training for their officers and investigators.

Market Outlook

Mexican residents have learned to use new ways to protect their patrimony adding electronic surveillance and stronger entry deterrents to their properties. The fact is that, in Mexico, more than 60% of the population prefer to not use the services of the local police. This is a result of a well-known percentage of cases where policemen were actually “workers” of crime gangs. In other words, Mexican confidence in the law enforcement authorities is very low. There are countless numbers of victims that do not report their aggressors in fear of retaliation.

The market has left doors opened (if I can use this expression) for a variety of brands and solutions in security. Some Mexican business differentiate from the average deadbolt and lock suppliers by selling “high security locks”. This segment is the one increasing sales due to the security situation in Mexico.

Best Prospects

This tendency of Mexicans to self-protect and preserve their properties from burglars has increased their purchase of security devices such as video surveillance, special steel doors, steel fences, electric fences, and the popular Rhino Spikes that can be seen in residential areas along the country. Local distributors are the best prospects for distribution of your brands in Mexico. Although directories can provide a large number of candidates for the U. S. exporter, distributors of high security products are scarse; in most cases, they are not totally committed to just one brand and they are open to expand their product offer..

CS Opinion and Next Steps

Exporter may search for “cerraduras-de-alta-seguridad” at to see the amount of current distributors in this market. There are offices of the U. S. Commercial Service in Mexico City, Guadalajara and Monterrey available for the U. S. exporter seeking assistance expanding their market in Mexico.


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