Tire Sealing Products

If you are a sales agent that spends a lot of time on the road, you are probably familiar with flat tires. You drive through so many different roads around populated industrial zones. Sometimes, you miss your appointment because a 3 inch drywall screw found its place…in you tire.

I recently was approached by a company producing an amazing water based chemical that prevents tires from getting flat after accidentally punctured. Since I handle the mining sector, I thought it would be a great product to introduce to the great number of suppliers in that industry. After doing a quick research, I realized tire sealing products are already available from a variety of manufacturers.


Tire sealants are commonly used in any application where the cost of downtime is very high. So, in construction equipment, road repair equipment,  forestry equipment, and agricultural equipment, tire sealants are often used to insure that the equipment keeps operating and does not have to stop on the job for tire repair.

The usual customer is the commercial tire division which sells the tires to the end user. It is rare in the United States that a construction company or large farming operation will buy this directly; they purchase such product and have it installed with the tire by the same company that sells them the tire itself.  In the US, this means the commercial tire divisions of Michelin (Tire Centers, Inc.) Bridgestone (GCR) and Goodyear (Wingfoot). There are also some major independent commercial tire dealers in the US who perform these same functions, such as Kal Tire and Purcell Tire.


John Deere, is a good example of strong competitors of tire sealant distributors; they provide its own Premium formula in concentrate in 32 oz to 5 gallon bottles. The product is available through every John Deere dealer in Mexico. Feedback we received from tire dealers serving the agricultural sector was, that these tires are much more durable and yet, they still use rubber tube , not so much compatible with tire sealants.

11D is another product, non-flammable, non-corrosive, non-toxic and water based that can be used in tires from 15 mm or thicker.

BlueShield, offering their BlueShield49 solution for light and heavy trucks.

Plus15-Protect, sold by OVI they have solutions for a wider range of vehicles from bicycles to heavy trucks.

Air Seal Products Mexico offers a solution of ethylene and rubber micro fibers that blocks any puncture.

With no doubt, the alternative economic solution is provided by ReSeal (from ARNCO) distributed and used by truck, forklift and tractor service companies.

Other auto part distributors that are more oriented to the general consumer such as Autozone and other local smaller stores sell products in small cans (about 16 oz.), brands like Slime,  TF Victor, Trupper,  among others.

Market Entry

With feedback received from 25 different tire distributors and tire service shops, we realize the market is owned by a few brands and that these products are not really distributed by tire dealers or service shops but for large truck dealers that also sell parts and accessories.

Any new game player in the Mexican market of tire sealants will have to deal with the reputation, exposure and large relationship that old players have gained. There are also auto parts wholesalers that might be willing to add tire sealants to their product offer.

The best way to connect with the above is through B2B meetings at related trade shows, or using the matchmaking service from the US Commercial Service.


Users of tire sealant products may be reduced to a small niche in the near future. New solid tire technologies are developing solutions for the flat tire problem and are becoming the preferred alternative in the mining and the construction industries. Solid tires are flat free and provide shock absorption to both operator and machine.

Trade Shows

Claut Proveedor Automotriz, Centro convex, Monterrey, Mexico. Sept. 21-22, 2016

Expo Proveedores del Transporte, Cintermex, Monterrey May 24 – 26, 2016 http://www.expoproveedores.mx

PAACE Automechanika Mexico, Centro Banamex, Mexico City, June 14-16, 2017 http://paace-automechanika-mexico.us.messefrankfurt.com/mexicocity