Back in Orlando for NPE

That was my fault. I had arrived Orlando airport around 6:00 PM., in a trip I started around five o’clock AM that day. That trip normally takes five hours including connection time, but I wanted to allow more time for immigration inspection and permits. By the time we landed, I was exhausted and in my worst of temper.

Arriving in the hotel, I just laid in bed and fell asleep; rock dead in a minute.

The following day, a fresh and pleasant morning, I had a quick free breakfast; the typical scrambled eggs and sausage with toast bread, coffee and juice; -the kind you get in a cheap lodge-, then hit the road towards Orange County convention center.

This was my second time at the largest international trade show for the plastic industry where I was leading over a hundred Mexican buyers along with my colleague Marisa.

Other colleagues were already there: Farid, from Jordan; Guido, from Brazil, and many others.

Marisa and myself were leading the second largest delegation only beat by Colombia with 143 delegates.

As it is usual, the organizers and our USEAC colleagues had already prepared an agenda for us with interviews to be carried on the first and second day. We visited twelve of the exhibitors which expressed their interest in the Mexican market. On the third day, I spoke to an audience of twenty one companies and extended the information to include market entry strategies and travel warning.

This trip was not much different from the last, three years ago. Our ITC, fully equipped with meeting rooms, rest lounge and a well packed team of interpreters all thought to be at the service of both our delegates and exhibitors. It didn’t get as busy as one would suppose It should be. Just like last time. Money badly spent.

I think it is, on one side, due to exhibitors not wanting or being able to leave their booth and, on the other side, visitor preferring to walk the show instead of being trapped in four walls.

I wonder how much our delegates need us. I bet we’re good for nothing.

The good thing is, we don’t have to pay our trip and in the end, it could end up being a good vacation trip. The bad thing…one always travels alone.


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